Canada Immigration Costs for 2022

Canada Immigration Costs for 2022 [Quick-start]

Canada Immigration Costs for 2022 is a concern of many aspiring immigrants. In this article, I will briefly break down the costs starting from your language test to your Canada visa approval.

Canada Immigration Costs for 2022

Cost of Educational credential assessment (ECA)


The first item on our list for Canada Immigration Costs for 2022 is the ECA costs.

You have to evaluate your degree to open a profile in all Canadian immigration programs. You can read more about the Canadian Educational credential assessment (ECA) from here.

ECA costs 220$ (CAD) from WES Canada and does not include delivery, tax or university fees.

Cost of Language Tests


The second mandatory requirement to open a profile in any Canadian immigration program is the language test, and you can do either an English or a French language test. More about the language tests for each language from here.

The average cost for the IELTS exam is 395$ (CAD) and 440$ (CAD) for the TEF Canada exam. Please note language test costs varies from country to country. In some cases, you may need to re-take the exam several times to reach the level you need to get enough score.

Cost of Application fees


One major portion of Canada Immigration Costs for 2022 is the application fees.

Once you submit your Canadian permanent residency application for processing you need to pay a non-refundable application fee.

The cost for application fees and right of permanent residency is 1325$ (CAD). If you’re applying through a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) program then add the PNP application fees to 1325$ (CAD). For Instance, if you are applying through Ontario PNP (OINP) then you would be 1325$ + 1500$ = 2825$ (CAD) in total fees.

Cost of Biometrics


At a later stage, typically after you pay your application fees, you need to give your biometrics and pay a non-refundable fee of 85$ (CAD) per person.

Cost of Medical Exam


After you pay your application fees and biometrics fee you need to do your Medical Exam for yourself and your family regardless of whether they’re accompanying you or not. The cost of the Medical exam varies depending on the country and on average it’s 300$ (CAD).

More on Medical Exams for Canada permanent residence applicants from here.

Cost of Proof of Funds


The only non-payable and refundable costs of Canada Immigration Costs for 2022 is the cost of proof of funds.

In almost every program and case of immigration to Canada, you need to show proof of funds in your bank account. If you’re applying through express entry then your proof of funds amount starts from 13,213$ (as per Dec 2021) and increases based on the number of dependents.

More on proof of funds for the express entry program from here.


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